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Bringing Essential Oils into your life


Encouraging and supporting natural health and well being is our life's mission!

We dream of an Earth made up of people who are thriving and are excited to be alive!

Living a low toxicity life and bringing in as many uplifting and life giving tools as we possibly can is what lead us to doTERRA.  We have used these incredible oils for twelve months each and every day. Within our homes for cleaning, with our children and partners as well as anyone else we come across who needs help with their physical, emotional or spiritual well being.

We have shared and used these oils to help so many loved ones from a baby to a 93 year old great-grandmother.

After twelve months of using them we knew it was time to start reaching out and gifting the knowledge of these oils to as many beautiful people as we possibly could!

We are helping to bring these oils into homes each and every day and would love to support you to incorporate them into your life too!

As Mum's we love the peace of mind they allow us. We have something to go to for incredible support for our families emotional and physical well being.

Cuts, scrapes, bruises, headache, temperature, coughs, colds, sore throat, poor sleep, sinus congestion, detoxification, immune boosting, no-tox cleaning, sun burn relief, stings, bites, stomach upsets, hay fever relief, emotional support, digestive support, every day stress....the list is so long that we are loaded with gratitude for this product!

As women we use doTERRA to help support our moods and emotions, enhance our energy and immune systems and to create clarity and focus when we need it!

We are so glad you are here and that you are ready for a new way of life!

Please feel free to ask us any questions via email or Facebook and if you are ready to JUMP IN and get the oils into your is the best way to do it! 

Visit our doTERRA link here:

In the menu (top right corner) select Join and Save

Select the language and country you want shipped to (e.g. English...Australia)

If ordering within Australia click LOCAL OTG


Fill in your details and create a password

Next you can choose the kit you would like or select the $35 wholesale account option and start typing in the oils you are after to get them at 25% off.

Purchasing a kit waives this $35 fee and is the best value for money if you are after the best option to get you started on a new oily lifestyle! 

We purchased our Home Essentials Kits 13 months ago and use it every single day. The cost is $330 but is valued at $550 retail.

It comes with a diffuser (which is a fantastic tool for the whole home) and 10 of the most used and loved (and SO versatile) essential oils in the range. 
The Essential Collections kit is a smaller kit and includes the top 10 oils and one extra oil which supports metabolism. This kit is $174- it's bottles are 5ml and it is a great way to try this new lifestyle out more cost effectively!

There has never been a day go by that we haven't been grateful for this product! Our whole family uses them and they are our first port of call in the first aid kit.

Lots of Love The Girls @ My Best Me xxx

Email us anytime at xxx



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