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Lessons from a Wellness Warrior

The explosion of emotion within the wellness community over the past fortnight has been overwhelming! Three major events have stirred emotions and concerns that seem to have spread far and wide.

As I sat down to write a piece on these events, my words just kept flowing from the moment I typed Jess Ainscough’s name.

This post was never meant to be dedicated to Jess, parts of this blog have been surfacing over and over during the past two weeks but I really didn’t feel qualified to write about her.

The pure insistence of these words is the only reason that I am publishing them. I wonder if there are others who feel the same and perhaps that’s why I am meant to share it?

I also didn’t want to write this out of respect for her beautiful soul sisters as I can feel their loss on such a deep level that I am scared of not doing justice to their beloved friend.

To all of you out there who have known Jess either through social media, her website or personally please take this as our absolute heart felt condolence. The way this woman touched the world is just unexplainable xxx
(The above introduction also led to another piece of writing. Here Bec shares the story of how Jess’ story affected her personally in the hope that it may lighten the load for others who have grieved from afar. **If you only like nice and fluffy words then this post might not be for you.)
The news of Jess Ainscough passing left us breathless. 
Although we had only met Jess twice in person, like so many others- Jess was an imperative part of our healthy beginnings.

When our Dad asked us to look online for alternative cancer treatments The Wellness Warrior was the very first link we clicked on through Google. We were over joyed sharing her story with our beloved Dad and us three girls would sit and talk about Jess’ journey like she was someone we knew in high school.
We were all rooting for her like a childhood friend and meeting her in person only imbedded our love and respect for her even deeper. Our personal experience of Jess is replicated all over Australia and the world.
You could not be aware of Jess’ story and have the pleasure of being in her company without feeling a true love for her. She was the real deal. Ridgy Didge. As pure as a person could be.

She oozed sincerity and although she was not scared to talk about the issues that concerned her or the things she believed in, she had such an innocence about her. A vulnerability.

We believe this vulnerability was our perception of her never wanting to hurt anybody. Always wanting to speak her truth but allow others to find their own.

Like so many others, we spent days in waves of emotion and even now just writing this is bringing bursts of tears and heartache.  The idea of this just seems ridiculous to us. How can a person that you hardly knew personally leave you in such a state? How can they leave so many of us feeling like this?

We believe that it’s because she was supposed to. We believe Jess was supposed to touch lives, inspire others, give you a feeling of incredible personal power and leave this earthly plane for us all to realize the impact that one individual can have on the world.

We believe that Jess’ passing will spread health and love further than she could have imagined. Now her soul sisters will probably bring their best ever work to the world having been expanded in ways that they never have been before.

Now there is a unity that can grow stronger if we all nourish it. A community of wellness seekers who have a legacy to uphold and a mission to complete knowing that the fairest, kindest and purest always win.

Although Jess may not be here, what she left behind and to see how she impacted incredible amounts of people is evidence that living your best and most authentic life is the way to go. At the end of the day, what is it that we all want from this life?

Our list would go something like this:

* To live freely as myself- to just be who I am.
* To live as healthily, mindfully and actively as I can and get the most out of every single day
* To make all choices with my highest good in mind while enjoying every minute
* To make everyone I come into contact with feel happy to be alive
* To speak my truth and allow others to speak theirs
* To be of service where I can and share the best of my knowledge when needed
* To surround people with love and be surrounded by those who love me

And when we were no longer here, what would we like others to feel and say about us?
* ‘She inspired me to follow my dreams’
* ’She was always kind and fair’
*  ‘She was never scared to speak her truth’
* ’She was never embarrassed to speak from the heart or tell you she loved you’
* ‘She left this world a better place’
* ‘She is so sadly missed but I am so grateful for ever having known her’

It is such a personal question and every one will have their own set of ideals but ever since our Dad passed, this is something that we contemplate regularly.
Of all the things that beautiful Jess Ainscough may have wanted to achieve in her short life, if her list was anything like ours then she has ticked them all.
This is where we find comfort.

This is where we can feel at peace that the Earth has lost an incredible angel- she has moved onto her next chapter and all of the lessons that she has left behind are gifts that have been imparted on our community eternally.

Her work will forever live on. Our children and children everywhere are now drinking green smoothies and thinking about what they put into their bodies.
Her story of thriving will be passed around the circles that we all hang in and her kindness has been a public example for so many to follow and benefit from.
Her attitude to life throughout her illness is something that we all aspire to. Making the best of a bad situation. Choosing to live fully, no matter what the circumstances of your life are.
Being unapologetically yourself.
Jess is one remarkable example of how being your best can bring you a full and fruitful life, full of beautiful people and experiences. She is also the perfect example of living with compassion and letting all of your daily actions lead to the life you want to live and the legacy you want to leave behind.
Jess Summed it up perfectly all along: 

This post is the positive outcome that eventually followed the initial shock of Jess’ passing. As usual, with this type of thing there is an initial period of disbelief and soul searching. Read about ours here.



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