• Q.1
    Why was My Best Me created?

    My Best Me was created after we found it so hard to find healthy, life enhancing options quickly and easily.  If we wanted to find a juice bar close by it meant googling pages and then trying to find out how far we were from them and what they offered.  Before we would go away on holidays or interstate we would spend hours researching what was near the hotel.  Where to have a massage, where to eat, the closest gym and so on.  And again it meant googling it all and trying to work out how far it was from the hotel or wherever we were staying. 

    So….. we decided to put all our passion, time and money into creating the most useful health & wellness tool ever.  One that is GPS enabled so it allows you to simply search NEAR ME – in case you have no idea where you are and also to search specific businesses in specific areas.  We wanted it to be simple to use, beautiful to look at and also be full of useful information for anyone wanting to find out a bit more about health, fitness and wellness.  So My Best Me was created.  Now we want to get businesses from all around our country listed on the site so people can find what they are looking for within seconds.  We would love to have you join us as an advertiser, a user or both! 

  • Q.2
    Why join My Best Me?

    We are a one stop, holistic shop for all things health, wellness and fitness related.  My Best Me has been created based on:

    NEED:  People need to be able to find these things quickly and easily.  There is no other dedicated health, fitness and wellness mobile GPS enabled website that can do this. 

    WANT:  People want this. The feedback we have received from people who have heard about My Best Me love the idea.  How many times have you gone somewhere trying to find a healthy lunch option or a massage while you’re on holidays or when you are not in the know about what is around?  People want it.

    OUR DESIRE: It is our desire to give people the power to make great choices without the hassle of time or lack of information.  It is our desire that My Best Me becomes the go to website when looking for anything that is health, wellness and fitness related.  My Best Me is for everyone.  Not just green smoothie drinking yogis but for anyone looking to make a great choice for their health and wellness.  We are truly passionate about My Best Me and all that it stands for! 

  • Q.3
    What do advertisers get for their money?
    • A full business listing showcasing what you have to offer
    • Fully GPS enabled mobile capability so users can find you quickly and easily…wherever they are in Australia!
    • Up to 10 images of your business
    • Links to all of your contact information, website and social media
    • Full reporting info – find out how many people have found you through My Best Me
    • Your own advertiser dashboard where you can edit your listing any time, check on your data and find out how your My Best Me profile is going
    • Lowest advertising fee…..possibly EVER! $80 + GST for a whole year of advertising and on the ground marketing.


    You will also get a dedicated and passionate team working to promote My Best Me (which means your business too).  We attend wellness events and expos all over Australia and take every opportunity to spread the My Best Me love anywhere we can. 

    AND SOME MORE…..Our social media community is continually growing and is a great way for us to connect with our users and our advertisers.  Find a package to suit your business here. Check us out on Facebook!

  • Q.4
    What are people saying about My Best Me?

    Check out our Testimonials!

  • Q.5
    How do I change my details once I have signed up?

    You will have your own unique username and password where you can login to your My Best Me dashboard and make any changes you like as often as you like. Simply sign in here.

  • Q.6
    How do I know how many people have seen my ad?

    You will have your own unique username and password where you can login to your My Best Me dashboard. You will find all the data here on the number of views your ad has had, how many people have clicked on your address to find you, how many people have phoned you from your ad and how many people have saved your business to their favourites.

  • Q.7
    How do I sign up?

    You can join My Best Me by going to the List your business button at the top right hand side of the screen. From here you will be able to choose what package you would like. It only takes about 10 minutes to complete your profile and you will be up and running!

  • Q.8
    How do I know when I need to pay for my listing?

    You will have access to your own unique dashboard with all of your payment history. We will send you reminders before your listing expires so you can renew it.

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