Here we are sharing products that we love. Products that we have tried and tested and believe may benefit our beautiful community...

Get all the nasties out of your water with this amazing Optilife Water Treatment Sytstem.  It removes chlorine, flouride, heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria and more! It has a five stage filtering process with reverse osmosis to flush away all those contaminants. It can be paid off too! We love ours and highly recommend it.

Body Freedom, Emotional Harmony, Bloating Be Gone, PMS Be Gone, Becoming Unbusy and The Business Guide for Solo Wellness Entrepreneurs.....THIS PROGRAM HAS EVERY ANGLE COVERED! 

‘Living, Healing, Eating and Self-Loving Better’

Alice Nicholls E-Course will have you loving life and feeling amazing...

‘Nourish your body. Calm your mind. Shine your light.’

A six week course designed by one of our favourite holistic health specialists...


Make juices, smoothies, desserts, soups, dips.....

Use the code MYBESTMEAUSTRALIA for $15 off!

‘A collection of clean and classy recipes for the health conscious cook.’

Simple,healthy, home-style, deliciousness!

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