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We are so glad you're here! We are here to lift your spirits high and give you a licence to take your health into your own hands. 

YES - this is a fluffy corner of the web. YES - we talk, act and ooze mushy love and positive vibes andYES - we are proud of it. 

Fluffy or friendly, comforting or cliche- it's just who we are and you just landed in the arms of three sisters who have got your back xxx


We are three sisters who began our journey to a healthier life at pretty much the same time. A few years ago our lives were very different from what they are now. We were eating all sorts of packet and processed foods, feeding our kids sugary cereals, eating loads of sugar, drinking loads of sugar and alcohol and didn’t really give much thought to what this was doing to our bodies. We are all chocoholics and love anything sweet. When we spend time together we love to eat! If we aren’t eating we are thinking about it. (Which we still love to do now...we just make better choices). A few years ago we also didn't hesitate to grab a Panadol for a little ache or pain and we would go to the doctor for every little sniffle our kids had. As far as we were concerned this was just what you were meant to do.


Anyway, in 2009 our Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. His cancer had started in his prostate but had spread through his body into his bones and organs. Our Dad was told he had 18 months to 2 years to live. He underwent medical treatment for his cancer to try and slow it down. After being treated for 18 months Dad's cancer started to grow again and he began to feel tired and sick. He was going downhill fast and we were absolutely devastated at the thought of living without him.

This is where things changed for us and our journey pretty much began. When doctors told Dad there was nothing more they could do for him and that palliative care was the only way forward, we knew there had to be something else. We began researching, we read anything we could find, we stayed up all night scrolling through stories and we just knew there was something out there. We began looking for anything and everything we could find on how to cure his cancer naturally and how to keep him here with us for as long as possible. We learnt a lot about the things we thought were good for us that turned out to be not so good for us! We learnt so much about our bodies and it fascinated us. We learnt that we all have an amazing ability to heal through food, natural therapy, energy medicine and more! We learnt about the acid alkaline balance needed for the body to stay well. We learnt about the power of the mind and how believing can change lives. We had read so many stories of people curing their illnesses and cancers naturally and we were ready to try it all out on Dad.

So, with all that we had learnt we set out to save our Dad's life. We put him on a strict diet of fresh fruit & vegetable juices, salads and plant based foods. We made him cut out meat, bread, dairy, sugar, processed foods, fizzy drinks and all the other things that he loved so much. We told him of all the stories we had read and what was possible. He believed in everything we told him about. The results that we saw for Dad were almost instant and the turnaround in his health amazed us. It amazed Dad and it amazed his doctors. He had gone from being bed ridden in hospital and wearing a 100mg dose morphine patch to being more vital than we had seen him in many years.


A life-long dream of Dad's was realised only two weeks after being on the diet. We had promised him that if what he was doing worked then we would all join him on a longed for trip around Australia. Just five weeks later Dad had bought a caravan and we all travelled around our beautiful country together for ten weeks. All of his children and grand-children, eighteen of us in total. Dad was feeling great, not having to sleep during the day and he had completely gone off his 100mg morphine patches that he had been constantly wearing. It was awesome and we were so grateful. The only downfall was that the diet made Dad miserable. He was never one for healthy food and veggie juice and when his PSA (indicator for prostate cancer) dropped from 41 to 4 in that short time and he was feeling cured, he returned to his old eating habits.


Dad’s health went downhill and his cancer began to quickly grow again. By the time he decided he needed to go back on the diet, his appetite was so poor that he couldn't eat the nutritious foods that he needed. In December 2011 he passed away at the age of 57.

For us three girls this is by far the most difficult thing we have ever experienced. We could not imagine our lives without our wonderful, loving and absolutely hilarious (make your belly ache funny) Dad in our lives. Our hearts broke that day, we had never experienced such sadness and grief. Although it sounds strange, we know that it took losing our Dad for our lives to change. We had things to learn, we had people to help and through Dad’s passing we were able to learn how to help others change their lives. We know that this was all part of our journey. Through all the things we had seen and experienced and the great loss that we had endured…...My Best Me was created.

When we changed our lifestyle, stopped eating Maccas, fell in love with fresh juices and smoothies, started yoga and became addicted to natural therapies, we realised how time consuming it was trying to find all these things when we were out and about, on holidays or in a hurry! We would go through pages of Google trying to find something that we were looking for and then we had to work out how far away it was. Before we would go on holidays we would spend hours researching what was near our hotel, where we could do a gym class, eat, grab a juice or get a massage. We found a huge need for a tool that could tell us exactly what was around us, what they offered and how far away it was. My Best Me does all this for you so you can live the life you choose without spending loads of time looking for things you want.

My Best Me’ s hopes for you and the people of Australia:

We want you to be the best you can be and we know that to do this you need to have access to all of the things that improve your life.

* You need to fuel and energize your body with fresh healthy food, vibrant juices.

* You need to move and strengthen your body through exercise, movement, Yoga, Pilates.

* You need to heal and rejuvenate through natural therapies, coaching, massage, chiropractic, reiki and more.

* You need to be able to find wellbeing products for your mind, your body and your home.

* You need to know what wellness events and courses are going on around you.

AND you need to be able to find these things quickly and easily, wherever you are in Australia. My Best Me will do this for you so you can be YOUR best.

Our hope is that through chosing to live a healthier lifestyle you will get more out of your life, be happier and get more years here on earth to spend with your loved ones. We are truly passionate about spreading the word on health and we want you and the people of Australia to be well! We want you to have the tools you need to be your best, we want to give you access to life enhancing products and treatments and we want to give as many people as possible, truly life changing experiences.

My Best Me is our way of making all of this happen. So let' s all join forces and take the journey together. Here' s to the BEST YOU EVER. Let the fun begin! With love...Bec, Manda& Amy (thegirls@mybestme) xxx

The Meaning Behind Our Logo

The search for vibrant health and longevity never just revolves around food and exercise! As the dots in our logo symbolise, a holistic and full life for us means so much more! Spirituality was something that continually wove its way into our lives as we got on the health and wellness train.

The seven chakras represent the seven energetic centres of the body. The Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third-Eye and Crown chakra run in a vertical line from the base of the pelvis/spine to the crown of the head and referrals to these energy centres were something that we continually came across and loved learning about.

We decided to use the chakras in our logo because being your best self includes all facets of your life including your thoughts, creativity, your feeling of belonging and all of the things that bring you to a feeling of peace, happiness and full of life force!!!

The feather at the end of our logo is in honour of our beautiful Dad! There is a very long story that goes with the feather that is probably the dearest story we have but it is far too long to go into here! And of course, the name 'My Best Me' is all about you! It is all about you being your best! We want you to be able to use this resource to store all of your favourite places and people that help you to be your most balanced, filled up, loved up, vibrant self!!!


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