Rainbow Child Care Centre, through my personal experience prioritises the well-being of it’s youth , through understanding each child’s individuals needs and by implementing a well thought out curriculum to effectively educate as well as introduce children to basic concepts that are new to their world .

Through the nurturing, caring attitude of the well trained and certified staff members , children are afforded the opportunity to express and impose their individual personalities on their educators and their peers , which helps them to build a network and involves day to day communication, while forming trust ,which helps them transition from the early childhood environment to the primary school environment later in their lives.

The ability of the staff members at the Rainbow Child Care Centre to consistently hold themselves accountable to the high standards set internally within the business, while also dealing with the enormous demands and workload that is placed on them by the young children they care for , is what in my opinion provides an advantage over its competitors within the industry and helps present an alternative and superior option for families within the St George and Sutherland Shire area.